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In July 2001,
Approved by the Ministry of Construction the first national real estate price appraisal institution;
In January 2002,
Voted by the Construction Department of Shaanxi Province and Shaanxi Province Consumer Association as"trust intermediary unit in Shanxi Province";
In January 2003,
Voted by the Chinese Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Industry of Shaanxi Province Association as "credit enterprise of Shaanxi real estate credit Zongshenxing activity";
In April 2005,
Established Real Estate Appraisal Association jointly sponsored by real estate appraisal institutions in Xi 'an and was elected vice president unit;
In October 2005,
Co-organized the International Real Estate Evaluation Forum in Xi’an whose theme is social, economic and environmental change and real estate appraisal services hosted by China Real Estate Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers Association, the International Federation of Surveyors and HongKong Surveyors Society.
In March 2006,
Awarded "national advanced unit of quality and reputation". by China Supervision and Management Association of Reputation and Quality
In September 2007,
Awarded China's most credibility brand of credit enterprise of the national real estate market service industry by China's Real Estate Market Management Committee
In May 2008,
The company held donations for the Wenchuan earthquake disaster and raised funds 23,680 yuan;
In January 2009,
Moved to the new office from Hanguang building to merchants plaza;
In January 2009,
Awarded by the real estate appraisal of higher people's court of Shaanxi Province "entrusted agency selected certificate", becoming the only class level of real estate appraisal institution involving in court in the province
In March 2009,
set up jointly with Economic Management College of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology “students employment practice base”;
In November 2009,
Become member unit of Xi 'an real Estate Evaluation Association;
In December 2010.
Issued by the Shaanxi Provincial Justice the "judicial authentication license”, having qualification of  judicial authentication;
In June 2011,
Shaanxi Jianye Real Estate Appraisal Co.,LTD. qualified for professional evaluation organization of comprehensive transformation management committee on demolition, resettlement and compensation in Daxing District, Xi 'an; Shaanxi Jianye Real Estate Appraisal Consulting co.,LTD qualified for professional appraisal institution of comprehensive transformation management committee on land transformation and reserve in Daxing District, Xi 'an;
July 2011,
Awarded "well-known real estate appraisal institution” by China's Real Estate Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers Association;
In September 2011,
The company leaders went to Korea to participate in China, Japan and South Korea Real Estate Valuation Seminar;
In February, 2012,
Awarded advanced unit of "2011 annual law-related cases in real estate appraisal work "by xi 'an intermediate people's court;
In December 2012.
Examined and approved by the China Real Estate Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers Society, become the member unit of standing director of China Real Estate Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers Society;
In March 2013,
Join Shenzhen Zhongfangping Data Technology Co., LTD. as an owner of shares and set up xi’an branch;
In June 2013
Shortlisted for Kongxiang New City Management Committee Appraisal Institution, Xi’an Xianyang New district;

In July 2013,
Rated advanced collective of "hundreds of thousands of pieces of judicial authentication assistance activities” by Shaanxi Provincial Justice . General manager Gao Ju was named “outstanding judicial appraiser" ;
In August 2013,
Entry into Reserve and Sell Housing Land Appraisal Institution of Yanliang Xi 'an National Aeronautics High-tech Industry Base;
In August 2013,
organizaed appraisers to Beijing for the First International Real Estate Consultant (FIREC) Training and passed the International Real Estate Consultant Test with excellent performance, and won China's first certifications of international real estate consultant;
In January 2014
Organized the fifth table tennis match and the city wall sports meeting;
In January 2014
The company's web site was launched and annual meeting was held smoothly;